Senior Sales Director at Paycor on How the Future of work is Here

Posted by Erika Cruz on Jun 15, 2020 12:26:00 PM
Erika Cruz
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Welcome back to the Habits of Highly Effective Salespeople series! Episode five features Tom Herb, Senior Regional Sales Director at Paycor. 
Some of the highlights of this episode include:
- Why now is a great time to "sharpen the saw"
- The future of work is here.
- How this pandemic will shift customer AND employee expectations.

“Sometimes, it can be a challenge to work on self-development, to work on developing different skills.” Now, all those projects that have been put on the back burner or the side burner can come to the fore, he says. “Every burner is getting taken care of right now!”

Even though familiar patterns of work have been disrupted, Herb thinks there is an opportunity to be more productive than ever by maximizing the use of digital tools. “The future of work is here!” he says. “The ones who have been ahead of the curve are hopefully pulling the others along.”

Watch the episode here:Thumbnail-05-1


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